Current Chairman: Donald Greenhaw

A massive compound that is on the second to last floor of the crystal tower. The crystal tower is the capital of Ezurg, a single massive tower that contains a sprawling metropolis spread across multiple floors, the outside of the tower is covered in dense crystals but the tower itself is made out of a mysterious metal alloy.

The EMRA has significant influence within Ezurg, its word is second only to royal family itself. Members of the EMRA enjoy a level of respect normally enjoyed only by the highest members of society. Generally only those of the highest social status are allowed to learn from this academy, although special exceptions have been made for those with exceptional talents. The academy itself is half school, half research lab. Designed to create a higher grade of magician and simultaneously study them. Tests and research experiments are frequent and strenuous but nobody has been seriously hurt in several years.

The students of the EMRA are divided into four classes after extensive testing. The testing measures the overall magical potential of each student, everything from ability type, mana levels, and practical/combat applications. After the examination the students are sorted into one of the four classes with fourth class being the lowest and first being the highest. It’s rare for a student to advance more than a single class over the course of their time at the EMRA. There are rumors circulating that a secret fifth class exists.


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